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Alberta Teachers' Association

Barnett House


Barnett House is located at 11010 142 Street NW, Edmonton AB and can be contacted at 1-800-232-7208 toll free in Alberta.


Barnett House is the main office of the Alberta Teachers' Association located in Edmonton, Alberta.  The Provincial Executive Council (PEC) and 150 staff members, including Teacher Welfare, and Members’ Services, are located in this building.  If you need to contact an ATA member who works on your behalf, phone the number above or visit the  ATA Website at


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Annual Representative Assembly (ARA)


The ARA is the Association's parliament and is made up of delegates from locals and members of the Provincial Executive Council.  ARA establishes policy, approves the Association's budget and sets fees for the various categories of membership.  The ARA meets once a year on the May long weekend for the annual meeting.

Annual Representatives’ Assembly (ARA) 3 delegates + 1 alternate):

Karin Brussé-Paterson

Kyle McIntosh

Gary Smith

Ross McDonald (alternate)


Provincial Executive Council (PEC)

PEC is made up of 15 district representatives and five table officers who meet at least eight times a year between annual meetings to conduct the business of the Association.


The district representatives are elected for two-year terms by members in their geographic district (11  districts). 

Murray Lalonde  represents our geographical area, Central East, which includes: Battle River, Park Plains East (East Central Catholic and Buffalo Trail Schools), Lakeland Catholic, Greater St. Paul, Northern Lights, and Aspen View.


The president and vice-presidents are elected for two-year terms by vote of the members on a provincial basis.


                  TABLE OFFICERS: 

Jason C Schilling          President

Jenny L Regal               Vice-President

Darren Bower               Vice-President

Greg A. Jeffery             Past President

Dennis E Theobald      Executive Secretary


Member Services


Teachers should call Member Services (1-800-232-7208)

when facing

  • employer / emploment action

  • interpersonal conflicts colleagues or administrators

  • medical issues

  • professional competence concerns

  • other professional matters


Teacher Welfare


The function of the Teacher Welfare program of the ATA is to help teachers attain the best possible  economic and working conditions.


Teachers should call Teacher Welfare of the ATA

(1-800-232-7208) with regards to:

  • Collective Bargaining

  • Benefit Plans

  • Pension Plans

  • Employment Insurance Plans

Teacher Welfare Committee (TWC members):


Kerrie Willis

Kelly Arial

Gary Smith

Fitz Shurman

Don Murphy

Kyle McIntosh

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